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Northvale’s Q3 Newsletter The Northvale Mail

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We are happy to announce a new resource for residents. Get reminders on garbage, recyling, grass pick-up and events right on your phone or computer. Scan the code to sign up or go to the Recycle Coach website under "Residents" and select "Northvale". Also get educated about what is recyclable or not and where to bring certain items to dispose.

Part-Time Van Driver

The Borough of Northvale is seeking a Part-Time Van Driver to serve members of the Senior Center and Northvale residents over age 55. The Van Driver will report to the Senior Center Director, and will be responsible for transporting seniors to and from their homes, the senior center, appointments or errands, and local trips. They may also need to assist seniors with getting on and off the van if needed, in addition to ensuring a safe trip for all passengers. Other responsibilities include having the van fueled, washed, and brought in for any required maintenance.


Essential Job Functions:


• Ability to operate the Senior Van in a safe and courteous manner and follow transportation laws and regulations

• Perform pre-trip inspections and ensure the van has adequate gas for each trip

• Maintain, refuel, and have van cleaned as needed

• Ensure safety of all seniors before, during, and after each trip including assisting them getting on and off the van

• Drive seniors to and from the Center and doctor appointments as needed, one grocery shopping trip weekly, and at least one special   shopping or recreational trip per month

• Maintain a record of each run and inform the Center of all scheduled trips



Must possess CDL license with passenger endorsement


Physical Demands:

• Sitting, bending, standing, kneeling, and walking

• Assist seniors getting on and off van

• Assist seniors with bags and/or packages



Mondays and Fridays from 9 AM – 2 PM and as needed


Interested parties should contact Michelle Adoni, Northvale Senior Director at 201 767 3330 Ext. 305 OR email:

October 4th meeting cancellation

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ANCHOR Benefit information

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Shredding Flyer 2023

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Northvale Mail Newsletter – Q2

June 2023

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Upcoming Events

Attention All Northvale Residents

The Borough of Northvale in an effort to improve its community and emergency notification efforts, has transitioned to the RAVE MOBILE SAFETY platform powered by Smart911.

This newly updated system will allow the Borough to provide multi formatted messaging to our residents in the form of voice calls, email and text messages.

Please click the link below and register on Smart911. Once you have created your personal profile, you can search your name and access your existing information to make any necessary changes.

If you are a new user, please enter all the required information to begin receiving notifications.

Please share this information with your neighbors to assist in our efforts to have our community informed.

Thank you!


Smart911 Registration Link:

Coming Soon!
Veterans Park Passive Recreation Area

Please see the document below for the landscape design.

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S&P Global Upgrades Northvale's Credit Rating

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Testing Information

Upcoming Events


Internal Affairs Policies & Procedures
Ensuring accountability in New Jersey’s police departments

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